jana1: you seem to be really into self-interviews.

jana2: no, I am not. They just help me to dare saying something. this little bit of fiction helps me to get going somehow.

Yesterday in the workshop with Heidi, someone said that breath is so existential. I keep thinking about this.

jana1: what do you think?

jana2: hm.when I hear existential I immediately think of my artistic doctorate, because I think what I did there partly was to come to terms with existence. That is maybe a vain attempt. But I like attempts. One of my post-doc fellow at Uniarts Helsinki said „attempt cant be institutions.“ I don’t remember whether this came from him directly or whether he was quoting someone. But in any case, attempts and failures are good ways to put oneself on the path to come to terms with something.

now, I lost track a bit.

where were we?

jana1: existence.

jana2: right. so existence – being here. ja, that is interesting. sorry for being cryptic.

jana1: it s ok.

jana2: existence as a being here in the context of performance (dance, theater etc.) brings with it the notion of presence.

I feel always shy using this word. Presence. It seems too essentialist. But still, there is something of HOW people enter the room. Using the word presence helps me to find some wording for describing this HOW.

jana1: do you think these type of thoughts are relevant really?

jana2: relevant to whom?

jana1: well, I mean, it feels a bit like you focus very much on your self, instead of tackling hot topics like climate change etc. Why don´t you bring breath in connection to ecology?

jana2: ja, you re right. I should. I feel I have not read enough in this area.

jana1: hm, sure. that s a problem.

jana2: hm. ja.

jana1: should leave it here for today?

jana2: yes. I need to think.

Is this enough to answer to this?

jana1: I think it is. As long as you stay engaged it is ok. And you know Donna Harraways „Think we must“, right?

jana2: ja. she got it from Virginia Woolf.

but I think she means something else by thinking than what I mean when I say „I need to think“.

jana1: this is interesting – this concern for thinking and how to think.

jana2: ja. and how to materialize this thinking. And is any thinking ok to be put on display? I mean: any thought an artist has is relevant for the work?

jana1: I have to think now of this article:


jana2: the value of art?

jana1: ja. I think I am haunted by this. and therefor I enjoy thinking about thinking as artist, or in other words: I enjoy questioning artistic craft, the craft of choreographing, of making. It since some time now that I wonder about art and choreography and their purpose or relevance or need in this world. and there is a connection to breathing. if I consider breathing the smallest movement there is, I always move and possibly dance, and don´t need to externalize anything, any movement. I can actually just do whatever and have a clear sense of dancing, or some sort of artistic production.

jana2: hm.

jana1: hm.

jana2: it seems you radicalize this idea of Bruce Nauman: anything an artist does in his studio is art.

jana1: what do you mean?

jana2: well, when listening to you I came to think of the following: you basically say anything an artist does is art. you leave the studio but remain with the rest of Naumann´s sentence. I m not sure if decontextualizing is helpful really, but ok, I can stick with you for the moment.You also look at this „anything“ an artist does, and say based on the idea of „primacy of breathing“ (Perti Berndtson), that this „anything“ is at its very root breathing because breathing is the very bottom line.

jana1: hm. ok. thanks for this. I need to think about this.

jana2: sure. no worries. we can pick up on it next time we meet – if you want to.

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